Twin City Story

Twin brothers - Twin Towers

On the 23rd of march 1972 Molly Dewalt gave birth to twins at St Mary’s hospital in Minneapolis. To bring not one, but two boys into the world was an effort that nearly broke the young mother. She was taken into intensive care and subsequently forced to stay in hospital for three weeks.

One of the nurses called Sharona Baldicci was inwardly raging over the fact that Molly had given the birth to twins while she herself at the age of 35 had never even managed to become pregnant. The desire to have her own child drove her to commit an awful crime. She stole one of the twins, while at the same time managing to have him officially certified as dead.

The dazed Molly Dewalt was naturally saddened that one of her twins had not survived. This was a pain that would remain with her for many years even though she was filled with joy about the other twin, whom she christened as Lester.

Minneapolis is a city with about 1,5 million inhabitants, situated in the state of Minnesota. In actual fact, it has grown together with the smaller neighboring city of St. Paul on the other side of Mississippi river. Together, these two cities are called 'Twin Cities'.

The boys were identical twins. That’s why it was a shock for both of them when they bumped into each other for the first time. They were 23 years old at that time. It was a warm August evening in 1995. Lester was just about to enter a cinema in order to see 'Terminator 2'. Luciano, meanwhile, was on his way home from his job at a small pizzeria in central Minneapolis.

They froze in their steps for a moment and just stared at one another. Then they started to talk, at first a little hesitantly, but soon with more and more feeling. They soon realized that they were not just look-a-likes but genuine twins.

The following weeks were dizzying. Finally, Sharon Baldrics broke down and acknowledged the baby theft. She was sentenced to six years in prison. In the meantime Molly Dewalt was admitted to a mental hospital but was deemed to be healthy after a little over six month. During this time the twin brothers had got to know each other very well.

Subsequently, they also discovered that they had cooking as a common interest.

Luciano, for obvious reasons, was most interested in Italian cuisine, with which he grew up, while Lester tended more towards American food.

Twin Brothers - Twin Towers

In 1998 the enterprising young men settled the matter and together opened a restaurant. The choice of name was a logical one: Twin City.

The incredible story of the reunited twins generated a great deal of publicity around the restaurant but what really persuaded the diners to return to the restaurant was the combination of Italian food and American food - and of course the fact that the food was good, well-prepared and not particularly expensive.

Within less than two years, in the autumn of 1999, the brothers decided to open a second twin city restaurant - in another twin city. The choice fell on the metropolitan region of Dallas-fort worth in northern Texas, an area with almost 4,5 million inhabitants. The brothers´ concept achieved a rapid success here too and one year later they opened in San Francisco Oakland.

Over a period of five years a further ten Twin City restaurants were opened in different twin cities around the world. The unique restaurants chain of the twins is found today in the following Twin Cities:

  • Minneapolis/St Paul in USA
  • Dallas/Fort Worth in USA
  • Frankfurt am Main/Oppenbach in Germany
  • Athens/Piraeus in Greece
  • Gdansk/Gdynya in Poland
  • Rimini/Riccione in Italy
  • Barcelona/Badalona in Spain
  • Manila/Quezon city in the Philippines
  • Tokyo/Yokohma and Osaka Kobe in Japan
  • Johannesburg/Pretoria in south Africa
  • La Paz/el alto in Bolivia
  • St. Petersburg/Colin in Russia

Within a short time Twin City restaurants will be opened in Sao Paolo Santo André in Brazil, in Seattle Tacoma in the USA as well as Khartoum/umm Durman in Sudan.

The restaurant in Jönköping-Huskvarna is the first Twin City restaurant in Sweden. There are also plans for setting up a restaurant in Haparanda-Torneå, in which case it will become the first trans-border restaurant between two nations.

Twin Pizza

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